Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea occurs when the body can no longer breathe during sleep. Essentially the airway of the body collapses in on itself or blocks itself in such a way that you literally run out of breath while sleeping. Fortunately, the body has built in mechanisms that prevent you from suffocating yourself during the night. However, huge adjustments have to occur in order to ensure that a constant air flow is maintained throughout the night. The best way to figure out if you or your bed partner is suffering from obstructive Sleep Apnea in Orlando FL or simply snoring is to monitor the frequency and severity of the noises that are made during sleep. Due to the huge bodily adjustments that Sleep Apnea sufferers have to make, they tend to make large and irregular noises while sleeping. Snoring, on the other hand, is generally a regular and monotonous noise.

How Do We Measure Sleep Apnea

Even though Sleep Apnea is referred to as an episode, during the course of a single night dozens, if not hundreds of episodes can occur. This is why Sleep Apnea is so disturbing not only to it’s suffers but also to their bed partners. Scientifically speaking, there are certain measureable parameters that must be met in order for someone to be diagnosed with obstructive Sleep Apnea. These parameters are measured during an on-site sleep test taken by a machine called a polysomnogram. This machine is hooked up to the sleeper and measures their blood oxygen level and their brainwaves. The scientific parameters that must be met in order to receive a Sleep Apnea diagnosis are as follows: breathing must stop for at least ten seconds at a time. The level of oxygen in the blood must dip by three or four percent during this time. Additionally there may be an increase in brainwave activity that indicates that the sleeper is waking up due to lack of oxygen. At least two of these three symptoms must occur simultaneously for a sleeper’s condition to be diagnosed as Sleep Apnea.

Getting Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea

Because getting diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in Central Florida means taking an overnight, out of home sleep test and then doing a follow up test at home, many people balk at the idea of going into a doctor of such an extensive line of tests. Instead they say that they are simply a loud snorer and a poor sleeper and leave it at that. Initially Sleep Apnea does manifest itself with noisy breathing and daytime sleepiness, but there are many other dangers that are associated with this chronic disease.