Jun 08

Shaquille O’neal was recently diagnosed with mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by a group of doctors at the Harvard Medical School. This video shows Shaq speaking about his condition with his wife and his physicians. It also shows Shaq undergoing a polysomongram, or “sleep study”, and being fitted for a CPAP, continuous positive air pressure, to treat his sleep apnea. Shaq appears to be really receptive to wearing the CPAP, and even jokes about wearing the mask to a nightclub. It’s great to see that he is willing to try to wear the CPAP for his treatment of sleep apnea. CPAP is a wonderful treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, that when worn works almost all of time. However, for many patients, the thought of sleeping while wearing a mask with hoses attached to it does not appeal to them, and many patients refuse to try at all. In many cases, if the patient cannot, or will not wear the CPAP as prescribed by their sleep physician, the sleep physician can refer the patient to a dentist that has been trained in dental sleep medicine. The dentist can create a sleep apnea dental appliance that can be used to successfully treat obstructive sleep apnea. I’m happy to see that Shaq has been so open about his sleep apnea condition and his successful treatment with CPAP. I hope that this will help others seek to have their sleeping and breathing disorders properly diagnosed and treated. Dr. Zach Hodgins of The Dentist’s Studio in Winter Park, Florida has successfully treated many patients that have mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, and patients that will not wear CPAP, with a dental sleep apnea treatment appliance, sometimes called a dental sleep apnea mouthpiece, or a mandibular advancement device. You can reach Dr. Zach Hodgins at his office in Winter Park, Florida, a suburb of Orlando, Florida by telephone at 407.647.1744, or via the web at www.stopsleepapnea.info .

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