Aug 28

It’s not very often that I’m thanked for saving the life of one of my patients. That happened to me yesterday. I recently completed a smile makeover for a patient while she was sedated. During the procedure, she was snoring very heavily, and even stopped breathing a few times. After completing her treatment, I let her know about her snoring and apnea. I recommended that she have a sleep study ASAP, as this condition can be life threatening if left untreated. She followed my recommendations and completed her sleep study. The results of the polysomnogram showed that she stopped breathing 84 times in one hour! The sleep doctor put her on a CPAP immediately, and told her that if she hadn’t come in for treatment, she would have surely suffered a major health event in the near future. She told all of this to me during her visit yesterday, and added that she was so thankful for me “saving her life”. She said no one had ever mentioned sleep apnea or the dangers that are associated with it. She broke down and started crying with tears of appreciaton. It’s patients like this that really make being a dentist rewarding.

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