Aug 28

It’s not very often that I’m thanked for saving the life of one of my patients. That happened to me yesterday. I recently completed a smile makeover for a patient while she was sedated. During the procedure, she was snoring very heavily, and even stopped breathing a few times. After completing her treatment, I let her know about her snoring and apnea. I recommended that she have a sleep study ASAP, as this condition can be life threatening if left untreated. She followed my recommendations and completed her sleep study. The results of the polysomnogram showed that she stopped breathing 84 times in one hour! The sleep doctor put her on a CPAP immediately, and told her that if she hadn’t come in for treatment, she would have surely suffered a major health event in the near future. She told all of this to me during her visit yesterday, and added that she was so thankful for me “saving her life”. She said no one had ever mentioned sleep apnea or the dangers that are associated with it. She broke down and started crying with tears of appreciaton. It’s patients like this that really make being a dentist rewarding.

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Aug 18

New study published today in Reuters shows an increase in risk of death due to sleep apnea to increase by 46%.

Aug 11

Recent study by the NIH (National Institute of Health) shows definitive link between obstructive sleep apnea and incidence of cardiac arrythmias (irregular heartbearts) in older men.

Aug 10

This is an interesting article that I came across recently. The author talks about how Orthodontists are utilizing X-Rays within their practice to screen teens for potential sleep apnea. The X-ray that is taken for the screening process is one that is taken by general dentists during the initial examination. Kids these days are under an enormous amount of stress, as they’re being pulled in all different directions. Sometimes the cause of their sleepiness is a sleeping and breathing disorder that is preventing them from getting a good nights sleep. So parents, if your child is consistently tired, you should speak to your healthcare provider about examining your child for a sleeping or breathing disorder.

Aug 09

A recent study published in SLEEP reports that children with siblings tat have OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea are more likely to have the sleep disorder themselves.

Boys who had a sibling diagnosed with OSA were 33.2 times more likely to have received the diagnosis themselves, while for girls the risk was increased 40.5-fold.

Boys with a sibling with enlarged tonsils or tonsils and adenoids were 4.53 times as likely to have enlarged tonsils or adenoids themselves, while the risk was nearly five-fold greater for girls.

Dr. Daniele Friberg of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm conducted the study by looking at the hospitiliztion data of the entire Swedish population under 18.

“Early diagnosis and treatment (of OSA) is important,” Friberg noted in an email to Reuters Health, adding that “it may be a progressive syndrome with fatal consequences if left untreated.”

Sleep Apnea in Children can cause many health problems including death

Sleep Apnea in Children can cause many health problems including death

Besides Death, Sleep Apnea in children can cause short and long term health problems including short attention span, obesity, depression, and other respiratory problems. Children should be screened for sleep disorders, especially if they have a parent or sibling diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The Dentist Studio in Winter Park FL is an Orlando Sleep Center that may be able to assist you and your children.

Aug 08

Once again the dangers of sleep disorders slip under the radar. As reported by Kate Schneider from

AN undiagnosed sleep condition and a series of early starts caused two pilots to accidentally fall asleep for almost 20 minutes while flying 40 passengers over Hawaii.

The internal flight was about halfway from Honolulu to its destination of Hilo when the crew stopped responding to air traffic control.

The pilots awoke to land the plane safely.
The NTSB was quoted as saying “The effect of early start times on sleep is well documented.” The board also took into account the pilot having previously undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea can cause many other problems, but this highlights not only the importance of a good nights sleep but also being tested for Sleep Apnea. Now Sleep Apnea is very easily treated and there is no reasons for us all to neglect getting good sleep.

Aug 06

We all worry about our health, but we often deprive ourselves of sleep. Whether you are too busy, too stressed, or have a noisy neighbor sleep deprivation can take years off your life.
One of the major causes of lack of sleep is Sleep Apnea. OSA or obstructive sleep apnea is caused by the throat being blocked by the soft tissue in the back of the throat.
Sleep is one of those subjects taken way too lightly and a good nights sleep can dramatically improve you life. Through out this blog we will discuss sleep news, sleep apnea and ways to cure and diminish sleep disorders.
Now is when you yawn 😉

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