What is CPAP? | Orlando FL Sleep Apnea Treatment

Even though surgery is permanent, it is not one hundred percent effective. It is also a measure of last resort. Most doctors who are confronted with a patient who is suffering from obstructive Sleep Apnea will prescribe a treatment known as CPAP. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. When used properly CPAP is known to give one hundred per cent positive results for stopping the signs and symptoms of even the most severe obstructive Sleep Apnea.

How Does a CPAP Work?

CPAP works by creating the right amount of air pressure in your mouth and throat while you sleep. It does this by forcing a stream of air to the back of your throat at your sleep. This positive air pressure prevents the walls of the throat from collapsing in on themselves while you sleep. Without the collapsing that restricts the airway there is no more Sleep Apnea. Using CPAP is easy enough that almost anyone can operate the machine by themselves with just a little bit of training. You plug the machine into the wall and leave it on the air pressure setting that we given to you by a physician. Then you put a mask over your face, much like the oxygen masks you see people wear on television. The mask is connected to the machine by a tube. The air comes up through the tube at a continuous pressure throughout the night that will keep your airways open while you sleep.

CPAP Success Rates

While CPAP has a one hundred percent success rate, that rate can only be maintained if the machine is used properly. Despite its incredible success, it is not a cure for Sleep Apnea. As soon as you stop using the machine, if only for one night, the symptoms of Sleep Apnea will reappear. That is why, once you start using CPAP to control your Sleep Apnea you have made a lifetime commitment. However, many people are not able to honor that commitment.