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  • Are you having trouble sleeping at night?
  • Are you lethargic and lacking focus?
  • Is your snoring ruining your marriage?
  • Do you want to stop snoring?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea?
  • Are you looking for alternatives to the CPAP?
  • Are you trying to stop sleep apnea?

If you answered yes to any of the above or have other reasons to suspect you may have sleep apnea, you should call the office of Dr. Zachary Hodgins to set an appointment. We understand the discomfort and possibly fatal dangers of sleep apnea. With state of the art procedures, we can help you to diagnose and treat your sleep apnea, giving you relief within a few simple visits.

Our SLEEP DISORDER EVALUATION can help us determine the effect your snoring is having on your life and on your loved ones.
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How Dentist’s Treat Sleep Apnea | Get Screened for Sleep Apnea in Central Florida

Because many of the problems of Sleep Apnea have to do with the jaw and mouth, dentist’s are especially well equipped to treatsleep apneaand help get you relief. Dr. Hodgins has taken extensive classes and receives on going training as well as having state of the art equipment in the office. He consults and speaks regularly on the subject of treating sleep apnea throughout the country.

Sleep Apnea increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and directly results in many deaths in the United States every year. Even if you think you might have even mild sleep apnea, you owe it to yourself and to loved ones to make an appointment today to get screened for Sleep Apnea in Orlando. If you are supposed to be wearing a CPAP, please call Dr. Hodgin’s Dentist’s Studio to learn about viable alternatives.

To Learn more about Snoring, Sleep Apnea and it’s treatment, please read this site and our Sleep Apnea News Blog.